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I was a member of LADIES RIVIERA FITNESS whose billing was done by PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE.  RIVIERA failed to notify me that thier gym would be closing (I was later informed that they knew this before I joined)  They lied and told all of thier members that they were moving to a new building, closed the gym and told us that our new building was not complete yet, billed us for 3 months while we waited on the new gym to open.  Then we were informed (only if you called and asked) that we were sold to another gym a co-ed, no tanning available, 40 minute drive from my house gym.  PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE will not let me out of my contract.  I've been jumping through thier hoops for the last 3 months (including them giving me the wrong address to send a cancellation letter to, my letter was returned... this took 3 weeks and another billing cycle).  The lady from the gym they sold us to said that several women have tried to get thier contracts cancelled, but that PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE has not let anyone cancel.  Please be warned if you do business with either PARAMOUNT ACCEPTANCE or RIVIERA FITNESS, getting out of a contract (with legitamate reason) is next to impossible.

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I agree to all these it's 6/06/2016 been to Riviera gym in Athens, huntsville ,al.few years ago.last gym work out anytime is month to month and is hard to get out of , they charge 15.

month plus cleaning fees. Im glad to hear about all these things!

I so agree!!

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